Are aj rafael and cathy nguyen dating

I used to blab on a private journal [a big black notebook] but I've gotten tired of keeping everything to myself. If you don't appreciate bluntness and occasional mushiness, get the hell out of my site! So I am forcing myself not to blog about American Idol. Riley and Aidan (boy-girl) and the ever adorable Peyton and Brennan (identical boys). I woke up today and listened to the giggling and laughing and Anyway, trainer Anne and I had a brief facebook chat session earlier this morning and she pointed out that she's in-love with this Gabe Bondoc. I say or talk about anything and everything, no holds barred. Lately, I've been addicted to with a sweet mom and hottie dad with their 2 sets of twin! As you've noticed, the last few posts have been videos I randomly selected.

Already as soon as I woke up and started checking twitter, I could see the buzz and people were tweeting AJ showing him pictures of his album being available in Target stores. Hundreds of artists try to push their album into Target but out of all of them, he was able to do it. Tonight before AJ began his set he prayed in front of ~170 attendees. I don’t know how else to put it but it really made me reevaluate myself in that split second and encourage me to continue to run the race to the end. I’m glad that I was somewhat healthy enough to be able to experience and see all these things and learn from them. =) I was fortunate for the past few days to spend some time with my sister, who spends most of her time in norcal due to school.Well, we ran around from pm on trying to get footage of them setting up and what not while I ran around getting release forms signed and grabbing people for one on one interviews. I always joke around about how she’s my mom’s favorite daughter because she’s the middle child like my mom, she chose to go into the medicine profession, she’s a praise leader, she’s good with kids, etc.From Timothy Delaghetto to Cathy Nguyen to Jesse Barrera we grabbed as many people as we could. But I can honestly say, she is more than just a sister or my mom’s favorite daughter, she really is the life and spark in our otherwise not so crazy family.One of these people was Tori Kelly, a former contestant of American Idol 2010 I believe. She really makes all of us laugh, she eats that portion of food meant for one other person whenever we go out to eat, she really is the one who inspires me to do more.

We were interviewing her and what she said (as superficial as it may be…) encouraged me. Mind you, I’ve never had professional training and use my fingers most of the time to get whatever look acheived, but she complimented it. Because, up until now, my family was kind of iffy about how I presented myself to the public and more recently have been less, for lack of a better word, “ashamed” of how I dresesd but the fact that someone acknowledged my effort worth the work that I put into trying to learn and trying to do it correctly. So although she probably won’t read this blog, I just want to tell her I love her and HWAITING!!

This year, I resolved not to make any resolutions because if anything I usually don’t end up keeping any resolutions I make.

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