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I was 18 years old when I moved to Los Angeles from the Midwest.I had decided to become a professional waxer—my mother is an aesthetician, so I was familiar with the business—and I knew Los Angeles would have a never-ending supply of wannabe starlets and trophy wives who needed to be groomed.Now, five years later, business is booming: I'm never without a torso, face, or butt to wax.But back when I was 18, I never would have guessed what I would be waxing more than any other body part. Mastering the Mankini Wax The first time a guy walked into my room, I was so terrified, I could hardly see straight— good when you're combining hot wax and family jewels. He looked like a straight-laced accountant: clean-shaven with neatly pressed clothes.

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Then a year ago, I started working at a brand-new salon that marketed itself to both men and women.I told the owners that I was an expert man waxer—a bit of a fib—and so I became the go-to girl for handling dudes.Well, we couldn't believe how many men started showing up to the salon.I think guys just needed a place that advertised specifically to them so that they didn't feel like waxing was only for chicks.