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Setup and make sure you have entered your serial number.The serial number is on a sticker attached to the bottom of the stepper motor.2. For this 1.14 update it will take a bit of time because it has to download some dependencies.Select Settings and click the "Check for Update" button. I think this is mostly correct I just did a scan using the new automated calibrations and I'm impressed. I'm currently trying to scan a Hulkbuster model (Infinity 3.0), and It will need multiple angle scans to get most of the hidden parts.No more fooling around with laser thresholds, or camera exposure. Once I have everything figured out, I'll post a tutorial on how to do multiple angle scans, and align/merge them using Mesh Lab.There's still some noise, but nothing like before. I am about to purchase an Atlas scanner kit (after the holiday postal chaos dies down).This will replace a Rubicon scanner which turned out to be an expensive paperweight which is unlikely ever to produce usable scans.However, I see that certain facilities on the Atlas are available only to the crowd funding backers.

I'm ready to buy a serial number and the right to upgrade it regularly.Thank you for thinking about this feature if you don't mind.That will get you the latest open source version which is currently v1.11.You need an ATLAS 3D serial number or Free LSS license key to upgrade to the commercial version, which is currently v1.15. Uriah Hi Uriah, I've been autoupdating for a while now with no problems and have been running 1.14.

I just went to update to 1.15 and the software indicated success and restarted.

However, Free LSS did not start up as it usually does.

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