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Neighbours is a fansite which has no official connection with Neighbours.Neighbours recognises the original copyright of all information and images used here.All the original content Neighbours and its owners.Please ask for permission before using anything found on this site.The Revolving Files are our largest collection of core research materials. There are four revolving units, subdivided into carriers. Each carrier contains approximately 10 liner feet of material. At this point, there is no descriptive information of the content of the individual folders. Revolving Files Unit L1 The "People Files" is a listing of all individuals on whom we have a folder of material.

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The folders may contain photographs as well as textual material. Abraham, Arthur Abruzzo, Ben Ackerman, Ernest Adcock, Francis N. Ainsworth, Robert Albrecht, Wayne Alford, Huston Alpern, Lawrence Altman, Gerald Amborn, Philip Amin, Nagib Anderson, John Anderson, Robert Andrews, John B. Aristides, Harduvel Armstrong, Barbara Arnaudo, David Aronson, E. Ballew, Carol Balthazar, Joseph Bane, Frank Banning, Paul Darrell Barnes, Paul Barnes, Ted Barnhart (nee Ross), Jo Anne B. Beck, Wilbur Becker, Irving Beckett, Katie Bedingfield, W.

Warren Bell, Louis Benjamin, Mandel Benner, Arthur J.

Berman, Harris Berman, Julius Berstein, David Beveridge, Robert E.