Dating mark paul

Contents Next The earliest reference we have to the authorship of Mark's Gospel comes the Church historian Eusebius, Bishop of Caesarea (c. Papias also records that Mark wrote down accurately Peter's account of the sayings and doings of Jesus, though 'not in order'. 130 AD), who recorded a tradition which he claimed was handed down by an elder, that Mark was a companion of Peter.

Many of the leaders of the Church in Rome were killed, including eyewitnesses of the ministry of Jesus.Tradition has it that Peter himself was killed during this persecution; when it came to him being crucified he asked to be hung upside down as he was not worthy of dying in the same way as his master.It became apparent to Mark that it was essential to commit the tradition to writing before it was lost or distorted.It is possible therefore to date Mark's Gospel with some accuracy to c.66-68 AD.