Dating sw model 10

I have recently acquired a model 10-7 snub nose revolver. I have seen several posts, across different forums, that list dates for the various serial numbers.In my case, it appears that my number series is skipped.For instance, from one of those posts:"D Series K Frames: (Fixed Sight Models) D1 D90,000.....1968 D90,001 D330,000..1969 -70 D330,001 D420,0001971 Early 72 D420,001 D510,000Late 1972 Early 73 D510,001 D659,901Late 1973 Early 1974 D659.902 D75000..Late 1974 Early 1975 D750,001 D870,000Late 1975 Early 1976 D870,001 D999,999Late 1976 Early 1977 2D00001 - 2D80,000.1977 2D80,001 2D99,99919784D00001 6D10,000.1979 6D10,0001 7D10,0001980 7D10,001 9D44,500..1981 9D44,501 17D8,9001982 17D8,901 21D0883.1983" The serial number range seems to jump over my series.

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It’s the ideal bedside gun for those unfamiliar with firearms who might lack the coordination, strength or inclination to wield a shotgun indoors . And there’s no need to use expensive hollow-points when you fire a heavy projectile that imparts all of it’s energy into whatever recipient is unlucky enough to be on the receiving end.Personally, my favorite load for a full-sized .38 is the 158 grain jacketed wad-cutter.Will this cartridge launch your would-be assailant across the room, leaving a Buick-sized crater while blowing out every window in your house? Relying on any hand-held heater to stop an assailant cold in their tracks is foolish.Utilizing the heaviest cartridge that the shooter can comfortably manage is a much more viable option when it comes to stopping power.

So the 10-6’s combination of a comfortable grip, smooth trigger, low recoil, and the use of a heavy semi-wadcutter .38 means putting rounds on target in a hurry is a breeze.

The model 10-6 is a double action revolver, meaning the trigger both cocks the hammer and releases it.