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This comprehensive training program is designed for all Parrot lovers who want to know the methods used by the experts for a happier and better behaved bird.Please be aware that results are not guaranteed, and training results may vary depending on both owner ability and individual birds. Yelling at your Parrot to "SHUT UP" when it screams 2.Over-reacting and shouting "OOOH," "AAAH" or "OUCH" whenever it bites 3. Placing the cage near the window overlooking the garden 5. Placing the food and water bowls just beneath the perch 7.

I never imagined that Parrots could be so charming and funny, and I never really had even imagined owning one.For the last 12 years, I've learned A LOT about these feathered friends - mostly through the school of hard knocks (or should I say "bites")!I've gathered literally hundreds of tips and tricks on how to keep Parrots happy and health and, if you let me, I want to share this knowledge to help YOU in your journey to successfully resolve the Parrot challenges you might be facing.I want to share with you my passionate quest to have the happiest, healthiest, and funniest Parrots possible!

For Many Parrot Owners, Having A Funny, Talking, Affectionate Parrot Is Too Sadly Only A Dream But wouldn't it be great to have access to expert Parrot training knowledge that might make your dream have more chance of becoming reality?

I mean, I too have certainly discovered that not all Parrots are like Polygon at first...

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