Dating while legally separated in ct

Unlike divorce, a legal separation does not put an end to the marriage, it enables you to live separately but remain married.During the time you are living apart, you have a court order that outlines the rights and responsibilities of each spouse.Your legal separation agreement will cover all issues that would be covered in a final decree of divorce.If you have children how much child support you receive or pay will be documented.Custody will also be documented according to the agreement the spouses come up with together.You remain legally married while choosing to live separate lives.Issues that can be addressed in a separation agreement are the division of marital assets and debts, child custody and child support, visitation schedules and spousal support.

The separation agreement also sets a precedence for the divorce that may follow.If you divorce after a separation and your case goes to court, a judge is likely to assume that since you were satisfied with the separation agreement, the agreement should carry over to the divorce settlement agreement.For that reason, it is important that you come to a separation agreement you can live with long term.If, however, the terms of your separation agreement were not workable during the period of separation you can petition the court to draw up a new divorce settlement agreement.

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