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Cisco takes it upon himself to help Harry make a life on Earth-1 and enlists Caitlin's help.Obviously, that leads to her and Harry going on a variety of fake dates so he can become acclimated to the differences in dating cultures between the two Earths.Everything's fine...until the lines between what's real and what's pretend start to irrevocably blur.Paris outs herself and Rory during a televised argument with Michele Bachmann.Peskiest of all is the fact that Paris and Rory aren't actually dating.

Sam Winchester just wants to make partner at Novak and Son's, and when Gabriel gives him the opportunity to not only meet Charles Novak, a man he's looked up to for years, but also help him get what he wants, how can he say no?He just has to pretend to love Gabriel, make nice with Charles and show that he is a good choice to be partner, and they'd both get what they want.But after getting to know one another, a heated kiss and an impromptu marriage. Lieutenant Lucifer Alighieri is a prison guard at FCC Purgatory, one of the nations most dangerous prisons.He has a good life- a quasi brother in the form of Michael Milton, a police officer, a nice job working in the North Block, where the lifers are, and he enjoys living by himself.

Sam Winchester, Michael's new partner, waltzed into his life, however, and seems to be pouring into every facet.

And when Naomi Alighieri calls, claiming to want to see her son, well, Michael sure knows how to be a dick still.

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    I’d been doing it for years, but it took me a while to realize it. One day I finally woke up to the fact that I had spent years of my life fating, or fake dating.…