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We’ve all heard horror stories of how difficult it is to connect and interact with transsexual women from Middle East because they are suppressed in their society and personally.I think that transgenders in this part of the world still has a long way to go to fight for their rights or anything that their society might give them some acknowledgement if this may ever happen.As we all know, muslim countries are very much opposed to transgenders and this is what makes it so hard for them to live their own life.They have no choice of their own but what I find really ironic here is that arab men actually like transsexual women. They really find big and round bottoms very sexy and this is a very distinct feature of many transsexual women from the Middle East.Because transgenders can’t exercise their rights there are actually many cases of transgenders raped over there and as much as the LGBT community wants to do so much about this, it is difficult to address this due to the restrictions in their religion which appears to be a double whammy if you are a muslim transgender.I feel bad for all this inhumane cruelty against transgenders in some parts of the world.

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We want to adhere to our goal of keeping our community a clean dating site where everybody can freely communicate with each other without thinking of being scammed or getting spam messages.

We definitely do our utmost best to give everybody the best online dating site for transgenders.

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