Gui updating framebuffer

Update – bug fixes Some users have reported problems with the main menu crashing since installing the PIXEL update.This has been traced to a bug in the icon handling code for the menu which has now been fixed.Some users reported issues with syncing their Google accounts in Chromium.

It was obvious that there was a lot that could be done in terms of making it a better experience for the user, and I spent many years working in user interface design in previous jobs.But I had no idea where to start in terms of changing Raspbian.I clearly had a bit of a learning curve in front of me…Well, that was two years ago, and I’ve learnt an awful lot since then.

It’s actually surprisingly easy to hack about with the LXDE desktop once you get your head around what all the bits do, and since then I’ve been slowly chipping away at the bits that I felt would most benefit from tweaking.

Stuff has slowly been becoming more and more like my original concept for the desktop; with the latest changes, I think the desktop has reached the point where it’s a complete product in its own right and should have its own name.