Laws regarding backdating checks

AVISO: Este documento es un resumen de sus derechos como asegurado.Usted tiene el derecho a llamar a su compañía y pedir una copia de estos derechos en español.This Bill of Rights is a summary of your rights and does not become a part of your policy.The Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) adopted the Bill of Rights and requires insurance companies to provide you a copy when they issue your policy.Texas law gives you certain rights regarding your homeowners, dwelling and renters insurance.

Failure to meet your obligations may affect your rights. This requirement does not apply to small insurance companies. (For additional information see the section of this Bill of Rights entitled What you should know about insurance companies' use of credit information.) 6. An insurance company cannot deny you insurance or increase your premium based on a prior appliance-related water damage claim if: NOTE: A claim includes a claim filed by you or a claim filed on your property. Once the inspector determines that your property meets certain minimum requirements and issues you an inspection certificate, no insurer may deny coverage based on property conditions without reinspecting your property.If an insurer then denies coverage, the insurer must identify, in writing, the specific problem(s) that makes your property uninsurable. You have the right to buy basic homeowners insurance through the Texas Fair Access to Insurance Requirements Plan, also known as the Texas FAIR Plan, if you have been denied coverage by two insurance companies.You can find a list of available inspectors on the Help Insure website at you can contact TDI for the list directly at (512) 322-2259. Your property must meet certain requirements, and eligibility for FAIR Plan coverage must be re-established every two years. For property located in areas designated by the Commissioner in certain counties on or near the coast, you have the right to buy windstorm and hail coverage from the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association.You can access a list of insurance agents who are authorized to sell this coverage on the Texas FAIR Plan Association website at by calling 1-800-466-6680. Your property must meet certain requirements, and the basic coverage is limited to a maximum amount set each year by the Commissioner of Insurance.

This right applies whether or not you buy other insurance for your house. If an insurer uses an endorsement to reduce the amount of coverage provided by your policy, the insurer must give you a written explanation of the change made by the endorsement.

In all other counties your homeowners or dwelling policy includes this coverage. If you authorize your insurer to withdraw your premium payments directly from your financial institution, including your escrow account, your insurer cannot increase the amount withdrawn unless: This does not apply to premium increases specifically scheduled in the original policy, to increases based on policy changes you request, or to an increase that is less than $10 or 10% of the previous month's payment. The insurer must provide the explanation before the effective date of the new or renewal policy. Upon request, you have the right to be told in writing why you have been denied coverage.