Leather dating for heterosexuals

If you go to any of the "gay villages" of London, Manchester or Edinburgh on a Saturday night, you will, as you would expect, see lots of homosexuals.

But there is a time and a place for everything, I feel, and straight people should just accept that if some gay bars don't mind them coming in, others will turn them away on the grounds that a gay bar is for gay people.The truth is that there are all sorts of situations in life where we are admitted on sufferance, or turfed out.I wouldn't expect to get much of a welcome if I turned up to a black hip-hop club in Brixton with seven gawping white friends, after all. And gay people have a great deal of experience in being made to feel unwelcome, in their jobs, at parties, in social circumstances.An openly gay man might have to look around a bit to find a team he could play football with or to find a job where he would feel entirely comfortable.

You might say that people who know what social exclusion feels like shouldn't themselves perpetrate more social exclusion.

In theory that it is true, and anyone would prefer to live in a world without walls between cultures.

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