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RACHEL MARTIN, HOST: Now the story of a modern-day love affair - one in which the couple doesn't even get to hug each other until nine months into the relationship because they had never met in person. (SOUNDBITE OF PARRONDO SONG "I'M LOST WHEN YOU SLEEP") SCHUNCK: So yeah, I was like, OK, is that like England or something? (LAUGHTER) SCHUNCK: David and I talk to each other every single day. ELIZABETH SCHUNCK: Being in love with someone that you've never touched before is scary and weird. A couple of years ago, she was living outside Detroit. And she says she was more lonely than she had ever been in her life. It was like a door opened, and light started coming through that door. SCHUNCK: I think that had a lot to do with why I started seeking relationships online. I think that feeling of isolation made me so hungry for some kind of verbal interaction with someone on a deeper level that I was willing to put myself out there and say hi to someone on Omegle. MARTIN: Omegle is this chat app that pairs you with strangers to have conversations.

Before I'd met him, I had only seen him in two dimensions. SCHUNCK: The headline was I've fallen in love from someone across the ocean. And Elizabeth took the first step and said, I want to meet you. RESSE: So me being the detective that I am, I googled Reddit long-distance relationships. RESSE: It was around in the summer, I think, we just entertained the idea of wanting to meet. And there's a long-distance subreddit, and I wanted to ask them, how do you get over the anxiety of meeting this person that you don't know but you do know? And I was so worried that some biological sense inside me was going to be like this person does not smell like a good mate for you, you know? SCHUNCK: So I was just going to go to Wales, and hopefully it worked out. RESSE: And I think it took her a second to process that.

So I remember walking through the gate with my luggage...

SCHUNCK: He shot up out of the chair, and he came like bounding over to me. RESSE: I actually said to her - I said you're here.