Photostream folder on pc not updating

With the latest i Phones and i Pads recording video in 4K, you can quickly run out of storage space.

If your i OS devices isn’t recognised by Windows when you plug it in, here are some tips to get your i Phone or i Pad to show up in File Explorer There used to be a Windows program called i Cloud Control Panel, but Apple retired that and now offers an updated one: i Cloud for Windows This is works with the new i Cloud Photo Library.Previously, there was Photo Stream but this didn’t include videos.With Photo Library, photos and videos are synched to i Cloud, and your other devices such as a PC or laptop. Unless all your photos and videos will fit into your free 5GB of i Cloud storage, you’ll have to pay to upgrade to get more storage.It’s 79p per month for 50GB, £2.49 for 200GB or £6.99 for 1TB.

Again, to clarify, you can only enable i Cloud Photo Library on your i Phone or i Pad if you have enough available storage capacity in your i Cloud account.

Once you’ve set this up (which also involves enabling i Cloud Photo Library on your phone or tablet – the option is under Settings - Photos & Camera), you can download i Cloud for Windows from the link above. Here you can tick the box next to ‘Download new photos and videos to my PC’ and you can choose the folder where they will be stored.