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If we segregate ourselves in our most intimate scenarios like church, we likely do the same in our friendships and dating relationships.These surveys, which reveal how frequent churchgoers are less likely to date someone outside their race, weigh a little more heavily on those of us who find themselves in the minority, or even the lone person of our race, at church.A black woman attending a predominantly white church must find her security in the Lord.This, of course, is no different from anyone at any church.But I do think there is a unique struggle for a young, single, black woman.We have unhelpful comments from people like Taye Diggs "jokingly" perpetuating the stereotype that black women are harsh and hard to deal with.Or then there's the wrongheaded idea that black women are less physically attractive ...

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Happy Valley Church of Jesus Christ in Johnson City, Tennessee.This weekend, he was marked as "the most racist pastor in America" for the video sermon above.But Reagan's teaching is serious business, and it can teach the uninitiated a lot about American evangelicalism's dirtiest laundry.The sermon—which is from last year—has gone sort of viral in the past few days, on the basis of links in The Raw Story.

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    Aug 11, 2009 I have never been in an environment like home or church where interracial dating is not frowned upon. I am the Maid of Honor in a wedding next year that.…