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It was at his own insistence that in March 1982, Kurt left 413 Fleet Street and his father and stepmother's care.Kurt would spend the next few years bouncing around the metaphorical wilderness of Grays Harbor.Though he'd make two stops that were a year in length, over the next four years he would live in ten different houses, with ten different families. His first stop was the familiar turf of his paternal grandparents' trailer outside Montesano.From there he could take the bus into Monte each morning, which allowed him to stay in the same school and class, but even his classmates knew the transition was hard.At his grandparents', he had the sympathetic ear of his beloved Iris, and there were moments when he and Leland shared closeness, but he spent much of his time by himself.It was yet another step toward a larger, profound loneliness.One day he helped his grandfather construct a dollhouse for Iris's birthday.Kurt assisted by methodically stapling miniature cedar shingles on the roof of the structure.

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He began by drawing the shapes of the pieces on the wood, and then laboriously whittling them with a knife.Halfway through this process, his grandfather showed Kurt how to operate the jigsaw, then left the fifteen-year-old to his own devices, while watching from the door.The boy would look up at his grandfather for approval, and Leland would tell him, "Kurt, you're doing good." But Leland was not always so kind with his words, and Kurt found himself back in the same father/son dynamic he'd experienced with Don.Leland was quick to pepper his decrees to Kurt with criticism. As his teenage years began, he constantly tested his limits, and with so many different parental figures - and none with ultimate authority over him - he eventually wore out his elders.