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It will help you by guaranteeing that • you and her have fun • you stay true to yourself • you stay sane As you apply this into your dating life you’ll find yourself having more fun experiences with Korean women.You might just end up being with a Korean woman who makes you happy! The #1 mistake guys make when going on dates is taking them and the women too seriously.They also hope against hope while walking on eggshells that everything will go well.If you want to make the date a success I recommend acting as if you don’t expect anything from her. In fact the lower your expectations the more likely you’ll be yourself and she’ll be into you.

You’ll also find yourself more able to relax and make her have fun. Most women (and especially Korean women) yearn for a fun date.

Korean women especially because they only go on their soggaeting dates with some boring (read: typical) Korean guys.

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