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A documentary to be broadcast on Channel 4 this week puts a bomb under the traditionally lacklustre British attitude to sex education in schools by getting pupils to talk about the impact of pornography.Goedele Liekens, a United Nation's goodwill ambassador for sexual health, spent two weeks giving a comprehensive sex education course to Year 11 pupils at Hollins Technology College in Accrington for a documentary called Sex in Class.

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Liekens, who has written several books on sex and is campaigning for a GCSE in sexual health, said British people were too wishy-washy in their attitudes to educating children."Parents should broach the subject of sex as soon as their children can talk," she told the Radio Times."I have two teenage daughters and when they were younger we'd watch Bob the Builder and I'd say: 'How do you think Bob feels about Wendy? "You don't have to comb over the details just demonstrate that you're happy to be open." A Channel 4 spokesman told the Sunday Mirror: "The educational programme is being broadcast post the 9pm watershed and it will be made clear to viewers beforehand that it contains frank discussions and images of a sexual nature from the start and throughout."Both the school and parents were fully aware of the content that would be covered in the course and gave full consent for the Year 11 pupils to take part." Sex in Class is at 9pm on Channel 4 on Thursday August 6.

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