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Microsoft’s Exchange Server 2007 introduces a new method of Offline Address Book (OAB) distribution that does not involve Public Folders (the required method in previous versions of Exchange).The new implementation is an HTTP mechanism that allows the OAB to be downloaded via the web.

Thirty-two occurrences were historically reported from 23 counties in NC, SC, and GA (USFWS 1989).Four occurrences historically known from Cobb, Columbia, Newton, and Rabun counties, GA, are believed extirpated (Murdock and Moore 1991, Patrick 1993).Historical collections are known from Florence, Kershaw, and Oconee counties, SC.Following extensive, unsuccessful searches of their last known locations, as well as other areas of suitable habitat, Michaux's sumac is believed extirpated from the state (USFWS 1989, Murdock and Moore 1991).

Historical and/or extirpated NC records exist (year last seen in parentheses) for Durham (1949), Franklin (1914), Hoke (1981), Johnston (1833), Lincoln (prior to 1917), Mecklenburg (pre-1800s), Moore (1901), Orange (1964), Robeson (1982), Wake (1942), and Wilson (1958) counties (Murdock and Moore 1991, NCNHP 1993).

Considered extirpated from Florida, where the the original collection was made in 1961 in Alachua County (Murdock and Moore 1991).