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Most cryptocurrency enthusiasts are well aware that the prices on Coin Market look skewed.This is mainly because the site has continued to factor South Korean prices into its global averages.Although that is only normal, it also made the markets look a lot healthier than they really were.As a result, the platform is now no longer including South Korean prices in its averages for all currencies.The trading volume numbers will still count, though. In a lot of cases, the individual prices per currency or token were nowhere near what most people could fetch for them on the exchanges.That was mainly due to South Korean exchanges including Bithumb, Korbit, Coinone, and a few others.

It does represent a massive 5% “decline” compared to 24 hours ago, but that’s just due to South Korean prices being excluded on CMC. That same Bitcoin, when exchanged for US dollars, will get you US$15,774 at best.It is evident this discrepancy across exchanges has been a problem for quite some time now.There was no solution other than to exclude the South Korean exchange prices for the foreseeable future.It is not the first time we’ve seen Asian trading platforms trade major cryptocurrencies at much higher values compared to the rest of the world, mind you.

About a year ago, Chinese exchanges dominated the trading volume for Bitcoin and most altcoins.

At that time, Chinese traders were also paying a premium for every coin, although it rarely exceeded 10%.

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