Workplace dating problems

Earlier this week, after the question here about whether it’s legal for your employer to make you clean up rat poo, Suzanne Lucas — Evil HR Lady — and I talked about how awesome it would be if we put together a book of all the fake employment laws that people think exist but actually don’t.We are too lazy to put together a book, but we can manage a blog post.We both went through our archives and came up with this list of things that people have asked us about.Without further ado, here is a (still not fully comprehensive) list of the legalities we’ve addressed in the last combined 13 years of blogging (seven for her and six for me).It’s legal for your manager to make you clean up rat poo. It’s legal for your manager to share your resignation letter with your coworkers.It’s legal for employers to favor candidates with more recent experience than you have.It’s legal for your company to prohibit you from talking at work with your coworker who happens to be your husband.

It’s legal for your company not to let you take home the employee handbook.It’s legal for your company to ban fish from being cooked in the office microwave.It’s legal for your coworker to refuse to speak to you.It’s legal for your employer to designate one of the office bathrooms as being for guests only.

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